Why Do Gerbils Hide Their Food?

why do gerbils bury their food?

Hoarding is a confusing behavior, not least because captive gerbils have plenty of food. There’s no chance that your pet might starve under your care if it doesn’t bury its food and save it for later. [It’s an instinctual reaction known as hoarding. Gerbils bury … Read more

6 Different Types of Rodents as Pets (with Pictures)

What are the different types of rodents?

Some pet rodents are cuddly and fluffy, while others are more energetic and playful. They all have different characteristics. So, picking the best pet rodent for yourself or your child isn’t as easy as you might think. Pet rodents include gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, … Read more

What’s The Difference Between a Gerbil And a Mouse?

Gerbils and mice are two of the most popular kinds of pet rodents. Telling gerbils and mice apart can be difficult for a novice. But if you learn about the obvious physical differences, it can be done. [A mouse’s ears are much bigger and rounder … Read more

Do Gerbils Like to Swim?

can gerbils swim?

A gerbil’s life can seem a bit dull. Pet owners may think that swimming will be a good source of fun and enrichment. In reality, gerbils don’t have much cause to swim. There’s nowhere to swim in their cages and just as few sources of … Read more

How Big Can Gerbils Get? (Male vs. Female Size Range)

average size of a gerbil

There are many different species of gerbils. They all vary in size, depending on their species and sex. The kinds of gerbils found in pet stores are medium-sized. Mongolian gerbils, or domesticated gerbils, can reach up to 5.3 inches in length (excluding the tail). Healthy … Read more

Can Gerbils Climb Up Vertical Tubes, Stairs, and Trees?

can gerbils claim stairs?

Gerbils live in burrows, both in the wild and in captivity. This means they have to do lots of climbing to survive. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that gerbils are good climbers. Gerbils can climb if they have handholds. They can’t climb smooth plastic, especially … Read more

Does A Gerbil Hibernate in The Winter?

Does a Gerbil Hibernate in the Winter?

If your gerbil is sleeping all the time or is unusually inactive, you may think it’s hibernating. If it’s winter, most pets like gerbils are slightly less active than usual anyway. While some rodents hibernate, gerbils don’t. Hibernation is a deep sleep during which body … Read more

Do Gerbils Eat Their Own Poop?

can gerbils eat poop?

If you watch your pets for long enough, you may notice your gerbils eating poop. While this is disgusting to humans, ‘coprophagy’ is a common behavior among Rodentia. Coprophagy helps animals redigest vitamins and nutrients in their feces, e.g., vitamins B and K. It also … Read more

When Can Baby Gerbils Leave Their Mother?

when can gerbils leave their mother?

Separate baby gerbils from their mother, and opposite-sex siblings, before they reach sexual maturity. But never remove gerbils from their mother before they’re ready to live independently. Most pups are weaned by five weeks and will survive if separated then. The gerbils will be healthier … Read more

Why Do Gerbils Thump Their Hind Legs? (Drumming)

what does it mean when a gerbil stomps its feet?

Foot stomping (also known as drumming) is when your pet pounds its back feet in quick succession. Gerbil foot-stomping sounds like a tiny drum, and it can be surprisingly loud for a small animal. Drumming happens when a gerbil is excited or stressed. Gerbils stomp … Read more

Do Gerbils Need to Be in Pairs?

do gerbils like to be alone?

Loneliness in gerbils can cause sadness and depression, so socialization is crucially important. You can keep them in pairs or groups, but this can lead to fighting between gerbils. Gerbils should be paired up because they are social animals. Bigger groups are possible, but then … Read more

Do Gerbils Have Red Eyes?

white gerbils with red eyes

Wild Mongolian gerbils have golden agouti fur and black eyes. For a long time, there was no such thing as a gerbil with red eyes. But nowadays, there are four different gerbil eye colors, including red. Pet gerbils’ eyes can be black, wine, red, or … Read more

Why Do Gerbils Wink?

Why Do Gerbils Wink?

Like all animals, gerbils need to blink to keep their eyes moist and clean of debris. But if you spend lots of time around your pet, you may also notice that your gerbil winks frequently. Winking in gerbils is a type of body language and … Read more

Do Gerbils Like to Be Held, Cuddled, And Petted?

are gerbils affectionate?

One of the nicest things about having pets is cuddling, stroking, and holding them close to you. But because gerbils get easily nervous and scared, they may not seem to be as affectionate. Most gerbils enjoy petting or sitting in your hand. Some gerbils will … Read more

Why Do My Gerbils Sleep All the Time?

why do gerbils sleep so much?

Many people underestimate how much sleep the average gerbil needs. Because gerbils are such active animals, they need a lot of sleep to compensate for this physical exertion. But it isn’t normal for a gerbil to sleep all the time or suddenly sleep more than … Read more