What Causes Head Tilt in Gerbils?

gerbil walking with head tilted

When your gerbil develops a sudden head tilt, this indicates a health problem with the brain or ears. As a result, you must get your gerbil seen by a vet for immediate treatment. Head tilt is often the sign of an ear problem. Gerbils with … Read more

Do Gerbils Need Salt Licks?

salt lick for gerbils

Lots of animals, and some rodents, are given salt licks. These are blocks of salt that contain essential minerals that may be lacking in the animal’s natural diet. Gerbils don’t need a salt lick as they get enough dietary sodium. Too much salt can cause … Read more

Do Female Gerbils Have Periods?

do gerbils have periods?

The period is a sign of fertility, indicating that the female of the species can have babies. But you may not have noticed fertile gerbils having a period. Gerbils have an estrous cycle, which dictates when they mate. But they don’t go through a menstrual … Read more

My Gerbil Is Cold and Not Moving (Why?)

my gerbil is breathing but not moving

If your gerbil has stopped moving, and feels cold to the touch, you’re understandably concerned about your pet’s welfare. This is normally due to a severe health problem, or worse, so you need to take swift action. Health issues that can lead to lifelessness in … Read more

Can Gerbils Have Heart Attacks?

heart attacks in gerbils

A gerbil’s heart rate is very high, so its heart already works extremely hard. Any animal with a heart can have a heart attack (also knowns as myocardial infarctions or acute myocardial infarctions.) Heart attacks in gerbils can happen when the blood supply to the … Read more

How to Keep Gerbils Cool in Hot Weather

how to cool gerbils down

Gerbils have ways to keep cool when it’s too hot. These mechanisms enable them to survive in the wild during the summer months. But in captivity, you need to take steps to keep your gerbils cool. Gerbils hide in their burrows to escape the sun … Read more

Can Gerbils Get Too Cold?

can gerbils survive cold weather?

Gerbils are warm-blooded mammals, and produce their own body heat like us. Also, like humans, they can get cold in the winter. Low body temperatures can lead to health issues. Gerbils do feel the cold, but have strategies they use to survive. They huddle for … Read more

Why Is My Gerbil Drinking So Much Water?

gerbils drinking too much water

Gerbils don’t drink much water. So, if you notice that your gerbil keeps drinking, you’re right to be concerned about its health. Excessive drinking in gerbils could be connected to illness. Your gerbil could be drinking a lot of water due to Tyzzer’s disease, diabetes, … Read more

Do Gerbils’ Teeth Keep Growing?

gerbil’s teeth too long

Your gerbil will grind its teeth down naturally. However, if it’s sick or injured or eats the wrong types of food, it’ll be unable to wear down its teeth. So, you may have to get your gerbil’s teeth cut or trimmed. A gerbil’s incisors will … Read more

Do Gerbils Lose Their Teeth? (Lost, Missing and Broken Teeth)

gerbil teeth problems

Help, my gerbil lost its tooth! Gerbil teeth problems are common. And because your gerbil’s teeth, particularly the incisors, are so important these problems can threaten your pet’s health. Gerbils can break or lose their teeth if they bite something too hard. Gerbils have four … Read more

Why Do My Gerbils Keep Dying?

common causes of death in gerbils

There’s nothing sadder than if your pet dies. Pet gerbils are susceptible to many illnesses and diseases. But it can be difficult to figure out what caused your gerbil to die. The most common causes of death in gerbils are old age, heart failure, stroke, … Read more

What To Do If Your Gerbil Is Bleeding

how to treat an injured gerbil

If your gerbil is bleeding, this is always a negative symptom that requires treatment. The causes vary, but it could be a severe open wound after fighting, which could cause your gerbil to die. Identify the source of the blood, e.g., the eye, nose, scent … Read more

What to Do If Your Gerbil Has a Stroke

Do Gerbils Have Strokes?

A stroke is a serious condition that can threaten the health and life of a gerbil. It’s vital to recognize the signs of strokes in gerbils so that you can seek treatment. Check for symptoms including lack of energy (lethargy), difficulty moving limbs, closed eyes, … Read more

Gerbil Flea Treatment Options Explained

can gerbils get fleas?

Fleas are irritating parasites that leave behind itchy, red bite marks. Gerbil fleas don’t go away on their own, so you’ll need to get rid of them with the right type of treatment. Spot on treatments kill gerbil fleas with pesticides, and anti-flea shampoo and … Read more

Do Gerbils Get Wet Tail?

what is wet tail in gerbils?

Wet tail is a condition characterized by diarrhea and emaciation. It affects rodents and can kill within 24-48 hours. So, immediate treatment is vital. Wet tail is an epizootic bacterial disease caused by the bacterium Lawsonia intracellularis, which doesn’t affect gerbils. But gerbils can get … Read more

How To Treat Gerbil Respiratory Infection

gerbil respiratory infection treatment

A respiratory infection is one of the worst illnesses that can affect gerbils, so prompt treatment is essential. You can’t cure this medical condition on your own, so you’ll need assistance from a vet. A vet will prescribe the right type of antibiotics for your … Read more

How To Get Rid of Mites on Gerbils

getting rid of mites on gerbils

Gerbils are susceptible to mites and other parasites. All rodents are vulnerable. Mites are tiny blood-sucking parasites that live in an animal’s fur/hair and can even affect humans. You can treat gerbil mites with anti-mite pyrethrin sprays or use medicated dust, injections, or medicine. You … Read more

How Often Should Gerbils Exercise?

How Often Should Gerbils Exercise?

As captive pets, gerbils are at risk of becoming overweight or obese. But with how active gerbils are, it’s difficult to tell how much exercise they should get each day. Captive gerbils should exercise daily and in different ways. Their periods of activity should last … Read more

Can Gerbils Get Fat?

are my gerbils too fat?

In captivity, gerbils eat a mixture of grains, seeds, nuts, and dried vegetables. But some foods can make gerbils fat, while other foods are healthy. Fatty foods, like nuts and sunflower seeds, can make your gerbil fat if eaten to excess. A lack of exercise … Read more

Why Do Gerbils Die Suddenly?

Why Do Gerbils Die Suddenly?

If your gerbil died suddenly, no doubt you’re sad and want to understand why it happened. There are many reasons why gerbils die, and some have noticeable symptoms. Strokes and heart disease cause sudden death in gerbils. Their symptoms, like seizures and swelling, have a … Read more

Why Are My Gerbil’s Eyes Closed?

gerbils eyes won't open

If a gerbil can’t open its eyes, or its eyes are half shut all the time, it may mean your gerbil is ill. Gerbils close their eyes when they sleep. Gerbils sleep at odd hours, like during the day. They are susceptible to eye infections … Read more

Is My Gerbil Having A Seizure?

Is My Gerbil Having a Seizure?

The first time you see your gerbil having seizures, it’s shocking. Your gerbil may collapse on its side, with its legs twitching. You may think your gerbil has died or is dying, but it’s not. Epileptic seizures (fits) occur in up to 50% of gerbils. … Read more

Why Is My Gerbil Losing Weight?

gerbil eating but losing weight

There are many reasons why you may notice your gerbil getting skinny. This is worrying because losing weight can be a sign of poor health in gerbils. Your gerbil isn’t eating because it’s sick, it doesn’t like its food, its teeth are too long, or … Read more

10 Signs of A Stressed Gerbil [A Complete Guide]

gerbil stress symptoms

It can be difficult to read the body language of pet gerbils. However, there are many signs of stress in gerbils, some of which are much easier to understand than others. Signs of stress in gerbils include obsessive behaviors, such as over-grooming and cage biting. … Read more