Gerbil Health

salt lick for gerbils

Do Gerbils Need Salt Licks?

Lots of animals, and some rodents, are given salt licks. These are blocks of salt that can contain essential minerals that may be lacking in the diet. Gerbils get enough dietary sodium and don’t need a salt lick. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure and strokes. If your […]

do gerbils have periods?

Do Female Gerbils Have Periods?

The period is a sign of fertility, indicating that the female of the species can have babies. But you may not have noticed fertile gerbils having a period. Gerbils have an estrous cycle, which dictates when they mate. But they don’t go through a menstrual cycle. Instead, the lining of […]

my gerbil is breathing but not moving

My Gerbil Is Cold and Not Moving (Why?)

If your gerbil has stopped moving, and feels cold to the touch, you’re understandably concerned about your pet’s welfare. This is normally due to a severe health problem, or worse, so you need to take swift action. Health issues that can lead to lifelessness in gerbils include respiratory infections, strokes, […]

heart attacks in gerbils

Can Gerbils Have Heart Attacks?

A gerbil’s heart rate is very high, so its heart already works extremely hard. Any animal with a heart can have a heart attack (also knowns as myocardial infarctions or acute myocardial infarctions.) Heart attacks in gerbils can happen when the blood supply to the heart tissue is stopped. This […]