What Kind of Hay Do Gerbils Eat?

can you feed gerbils hay?

Hay and grass is a staple food for gerbils. It’s found in many commercial gerbil food mixes, providing the nutrients gerbils need to stay healthy. However, with so many hay varieties, it can be hard to know which ones are safe. Gerbils enjoy eating Timothy, … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Spinach Leaves?

can you feed gerbils spinach?

Spinach is a superfood. While captive gerbils primarily eat high-quality dry food, adding fresh greens to their diet is a good way to provide them with additional vitamins and minerals. Spinach is safe for gerbils to eat. It contains nutrients such as magnesium, fiber, potassium, … Read more

27 Healthy Treats for Gerbils

snacks to give gerbils

Giving your gerbil tasty treats is part of the fun of owning one. While gerbils have specific dietary requirements, healthy snacks can increase their vitamin and mineral intake while providing all-important mental stimulation. So, what treats do gerbils love? Fruits make a safe and healthy … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Apples?

can you feed gerbils apples?

Apples are one of the most commonly eaten fruits. So, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to feed gerbils apple. Gerbils cat eat applies. They contain fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and magnesium, which can help reduce the effects of seizures. However, apples are high … Read more

Can You Feed Gerbils Bird Food?

can gerbils eat bird food?

When you compare a gerbil and bird’s diet side by side, they seem relatively similar. After all, gerbils eat dry pellets and enjoy a selection of seeds and nuts. So, is bird food suitable for gerbils to eat? While owners must only feed bird seed … Read more

Are Gerbils Allowed Broccoli?

can gerbils eat broccoli?

Gerbils require vegetables and leafy greens to keep them healthy. One of the best vegetables is broccoli, as it’s packed with a range of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. But is broccoli good for gerbils? Gerbils love the taste and texture of broccoli. The crunchiness provides … Read more

Can Gerbils Have Chocolate?

can gerbils eat chocolate?

Chocolate is delicious and one of the most popular snack foods. So, you may wonder whether you can feed gerbils chocolate as a treat. Unfortunately, chocolate is poisonous to gerbils. Gerbils can’t eat chocolate because it contains theobromine, which a gerbil’s body can’t metabolize. Even … Read more

Is It Safe to Feed Gerbils Lettuce?

Can Gerbils Eat Lettuce?

Gerbils thrive on a varied diet of grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Along with a high-quality gerbil food mix, gerbils enjoy fresh produce as a dietary supplement. Gerbils can eat lettuce but only in moderation. Lettuce is safe for gerbils to eat. It contains nutrients … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Chestnuts?

Can Gerbils Eat Chestnuts?

Chestnuts are a kind of nut that’s popular during the winter. Sweet and tasty, you may want to share some slices or chopped-up chestnuts with your gerbil. Gerbils can eat chestnuts as they contain the optimal proportions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Chestnuts are also … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Berries?

what berries can gerbils eat?

Gerbils enjoy eating berries because they’re sweet and tasty. Most fruits have lots of vitamins and minerals, which gerbils need in their diet. However, that doesn’t mean that you should feed your gerbil berries every day. Gerbils can eat all berries that humans can eat. … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Rice Cakes, Rice Crispies, and Cooked Rice?

gerbils eating rice

Gerbils can eat rice safely as it doesn’t contain anything toxic or poisonous to animals. Rice won’t harm your pet unless there’s something added to it, such as salt and oil. Gerbils can eat rice that’s cooked or uncooked, brown or white, puffed rice/rice crispies, … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Meat?

what meat can gerbils eat?

Gerbils are omnivores, so they can eat animal and plant-based foods. As it is nutritious and a good energy source, you may want to feed meat to your gerbil. Gerbils can eat meat, but it’s not a food that they eat in the wild. Meat … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Dog Food, Biscuits, and Treats?

can gerbils eat dog food?

Many quality dog foods are highly nutritious, containing lots of essential vitamins and minerals. So, if you also have pet gerbils, you may want to know if gerbils can eat dog food. Gerbils don’t eat dog food because it’s made from meat. While gerbils are … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Popcorn Kernels?

Can gerbils eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a healthy snack. As it is plant-based and whole-grain, you can also feed popcorn to gerbils. But you need to prepare it correctly, and offer it sparingly. Popcorn is safe for gerbils to eat. However, gerbils should only eat plain popcorn, made without … Read more

Are Gerbils Allowed Tomatoes?

can gerbils eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a culinary vegetable that is found in kitchens across the world. They’re healthy, so you may want to feed tomatoes to your gerbil. Tomatoes aren’t a suitable regular food for gerbils, but are OK in moderation. They contain the right balance of fat, … Read more

Can You Feed Gerbils Cucumber?

are gerbils allowed cucumber?

Your gerbil’s diet is the cornerstone of its health. So, you may think that cucumber is a healthy vegetable to feed your pet gerbil. Cucumber is good for gerbils. It contains the right amounts of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. However, with a 95% water content, … Read more

Can Gerbils Eat Raisins?

can gerbils have raisins?

Raisins are one of those foods that are always in your kitchen, never used. They’re sweet and healthier than other snacks. But not all foods are suitable for gerbils to eat. Gerbils enjoy raisins because they’re sweet and chewy. They have many different vitamins and … Read more

Are Gerbils Allowed to Eat Cabbage?

can gerbils eat cabbage?

Wild gerbils will feed on a variety of root vegetables, seeds, leaves, and grains. They are accustomed to eating foods like cabbage. However, cabbage doesn’t grow naturally in the gerbil’s natural living environment. Cabbage doesn’t contain toxins or anything harmful to gerbils. While it’s bitter, … Read more

Why Is My Gerbil Not Drinking?

why isn’t my gerbil drinking?

Gerbils don’t drink much compared to other animals, such as hamsters. But your gerbil should be drinking some water. If you notice your gerbil not drinking water, it can be a worrying sign. If your gerbil has stopped drinking, it could be meeting its water … Read more

Do Gerbils Like Acorns?

can gerbils eat acorns?

Nuts are high in fat and protein, making good gerbil treats. Acorns are a type of nut grown by oak trees, but they contain a toxic substance that can be harmful to some animals. Acorns contain tannins, which can cause kidney and liver damage in … Read more

What Kind of Cheese Can Gerbils Eat?

can gerbils eat cheese?

Cheese is a foodstuff that’s made from milk. It isn’t found in a gerbil’s natural habitat, so it isn’t something a wild gerbil would ever encounter. But that doesn’t mean your pet can’t eat it. Gerbils can eat cheese, but only in small quantities as … Read more

Can You Give Gerbils Milk?

can gerbils drink milk?

Milk forms the basis of a baby gerbil’s diet. After weaning, gerbils get their calories from solid food and don’t need milk. But some gerbil owners wonder if they can give their gerbils cows’ milk. Milk isn’t healthy for gerbils. It can upset gerbils’ stomachs, … Read more

Is It Safe for Gerbils To Eat Strawberries?

can gerbils eat strawberries

Gerbils need nutritious food to survive in captivity. Fruits, such as strawberries are considered healthy for gerbils because they’re a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Strawberries aren’t toxic to gerbils, but they aren’t a healthy choice. They have no protein/fat and excess sugar. Strawberries … Read more

Can You Feed Gerbils Bananas? (Fresh, Dried + Peels)

can gerbils eat bananas?

We all want to give our gerbils a wide selection of highly nutritious foods. So, you may decide to feed your gerbil the same nutrient and vitamin-rich foods that you eat, such as bananas. Gerbils can eat fresh bananas and both green (under-ripe) and black … Read more

Can You Give Blueberries to Gerbils?

can gerbils eat blueberries?

Gerbils need healthy, fresh food to survive in the wild. If you feed your gerbil food mix, it’s usually dry and processed. You might think your pet needs fresh berries and fruit, like blueberries. Blueberries are non-toxic but aren’t healthy for gerbils. When your gerbil … Read more

Are Gerbils Allowed Carrots and Carrot Tops?

can gerbils eat carrots?

A gerbil’s food mix is dry and processed. While it contains the nutrients a gerbil needs, you may think that a diet of fruit and vegetables (like carrots) would be more appropriate. Carrots are fresh, crunchy, and nutritious, so gerbils like eating them. Carrot tops … Read more

What Type of Insects Do Gerbils Eat?

insects gerbils eat

Gerbils are omnivores, which means that they can digest both plant and animal matter. In the wild, gerbils eat insects. Feeding gerbils insects is a great way to supplement their diet with protein. The best insects for gerbils are mealworms, waxworms, superworms, crickets, and locusts. … Read more

Can Gerbils Have Bread?

can gerbils eat bread?

If you run out of gerbil food, you might want to feed your pet whatever’s in the kitchen. And everyone has bread to spare, but it may not be healthy. Gerbils can eat bread, but it isn’t the healthiest choice. White bread is unhealthy because … Read more