Can Gerbils Be Toilet Trained?

can gerbils be potty trained?

Gerbils are clean creatures, so they must have a healthy, sanitary environment to live in. Most gerbils keep their enclosures clean by hiding their pee and poop in the bedding, but it’s far more hygienic for them to use a litter tray. You can toilet … Read more

Why Do Gerbils Groom Each Other?

gerbils grooming each other

You’ve probably seen your gerbils grooming each other from time to time. It looks like they’re licking or nibbling at each other’s fur. Sometimes, you may hear your gerbils squeaking while grooming or purring. Grooming is a normal gerbil behavior that indicates that gerbils are … Read more

Why Is My Gerbil Chirping?

why do gerbils chirp?

Gerbils chirp and squeak constantly. However, what gerbils mean when they make squeaking sounds may not be clear, and it depends on the context. Gerbils chirp to communicate with each other. Chirping can be due to fighting, playing, pain, stress, excitement, and keeping track of … Read more

Why Do Gerbils Sleep on Top of Each Other?

do gerbils sleep together?

Wild gerbils live together in large clans. They need each others’ company and pool resources together to survive. One example of this behavior is gerbils sleeping together in a large pile. Gerbils sleep on top of each other to bond and increase their chances of … Read more

Why Is My Gerbil Scared of Me?

gerbil scared of me

Gerbils are normally sociable creatures that get along well with their owners. However, they can sometimes nip and bite you and not want to be handled when they feel afraid. Gerbils can be afraid of their owners because they’re small and vulnerable to harm. You … Read more

Do Dogs and Gerbils Get Along?

are gerbils OK with dogs?

Many people who own pets have more than one, e.g. gerbils and dogs. The interaction between the two animal species depends on their natural instincts. So, for example, it’s unwise to keep a rodent with any pet that would survive in the wild by eating … Read more

How to Keep Gerbils Quiet at Night

are gerbils noisy?

Gerbils are highly active animals. During their waking hours, they are full of energy and can make a lot of noise. If your gerbil’s loud at night, you might find that it stops you from sleeping.  You can’t force gerbils to sleep. But if you … Read more

How to Stop a Gerbil Biting (in 7 Easy Steps)

how to make a gerbil stop biting

A gerbil bite is shocking, can be painful, and can even draw blood. But stopping your gerbil from biting with punishments doesn’t work, so you may not know what to do. Spend time near the enclosure, and pick it up by scooping (not snatching) it. … Read more

Do Gerbils Get Attached to Their Owners?

do gerbils recognize their owners?

The joy of owning a pet comes from forming a close bond with it. Gerbils aren’t known for their loving nature, but anecdotal evidence suggests that they develop bonds. Gerbils are more affectionate with their owners than strangers. For example, gerbils often foot thump when … Read more

How Do Gerbils Mark Their Territory?

gerbils scent marking

All animals mark their territory with their scent glands and/or by spraying urine. Gerbils are no exception to the rule, and primarily scent mark with their glands. They can also use urine and feces. Gerbils rub scent glands on their bellies over things to leave … Read more

11 Signs of Dominance in Gerbils

how to tell which gerbil is dominant

Gerbils live in groups, and these groups have defined social structures. These structures are reinforced by certain behaviors so that every gerbil knows its place (dominant vs. subordinate). Dominant gerbils scent mark more and can even scent mark other gerbils. They arch their backs to … Read more

What Are The Signs of Gerbils Declanning?

Signs of Gerbils Declanning

If you notice that your gerbils are bullying each other, this could be declanning. It could also be a trivial fight. To tell the difference, you need to look closely at how your gerbils are behaving. You will notice frequent fights, during which one gerbil … Read more

Why Do Mother Gerbils Eat Their Babies?

why do gerbils eat each other?

Gerbils and other rodents are known for eating their young. This grisly behavior is difficult to understand, but there are good reasons why it happens. The mother may be starving after a long illness during pregnancy. Or, because it has too many young, or another … Read more

What Tricks Can I Teach My Gerbil?

can gerbils learn tricks?

Gerbils are intelligent animals. If offered an enticing reward, they will learn to repeat desired behaviors. You can teach your gerbil tricks using both voice commands and hand gestures. Gerbils can learn tricks such as to come when called, beg, turn around, and jump into … Read more

How to Tell if Gerbils Are Fighting or Playing

how can you tell if gerbils are playing or fighting?

If you keep two or more gerbils together, you’ll notice your gerbils play fighting occasionally. This is normal behavior and completely harmless. Real gerbil fighting is rare, but it can be dangerous if you don’t intervene. Gerbils playing together will jump around, wrestle, and box … Read more

How Do Gerbils Mate? [A Complete Gerbil Breeding Guide]

how to mate gerbils

All animals have a reproductive cycle. The cycle determines when gerbils can mate and successfully produce the highest amount of healthy offspring. It’s called a cycle because it repeats over time. Gerbils mate when the male mounts the female. Signs of gerbils mating include foot … Read more

What To Do If Your Gerbil Escaped [Recovery Guide]

What To Do If Your Gerbil Escaped

When your gerbil gets loose, you’re bound to panic. But you should try to stay calm and work through a series of steps. That way, you have the best possible chance of catching an escaped gerbil. Gerbils hide behind furniture, inside walls, in piles of … Read more