Gerbil Behavior

gerbils grooming each other

Why Do Gerbils Groom Each Other?

You’ve probably seen your gerbils grooming each other from time to time. It looks like they’re licking or nibbling at each other’s fur. Sometimes, you might hear your gerbils squeaking while grooming, or purring. Grooming is a normal gerbil behavior that indicates your gerbils are healthy and happy. When one […]

why do gerbils chirp?

Why Is My Gerbil Chirping?

Gerbils chirp and squeak constantly. But what gerbils mean when they make squeaking sounds may not be clear, and it depends on the context. Gerbils chirp to communicate with each other. Chirping can be due to fighting, playing, pain, stress, excitement, and keeping track of other gerbils. Young litters communicate […]

do gerbils sleep together?

Why Do Gerbils Sleep on Top of Each Other?

Gerbils live in groups, and like each other’s company. You may have noticed that gerbils sleep together. But gerbils can even sleep together in a big pile. Gerbils sleep on top of each other because they’re social. They enjoy spending time together, and doing so builds group bonds, which are […]

gerbil scared of me

Why Is My Gerbil Scared of Me?

Gerbils are normally sociable creatures that get along well with owners. But they can also nip and bite you, and not want to be handled. It can be difficult to know why this happens. Gerbils are afraid of their owners because they’re much smaller. You may also handle your gerbil […]

are gerbils OK with dogs?

Do Dogs and Gerbils Get Along?

Many people who own pets have more than one, e.g. gerbils and dogs. The interaction between the two animal species depends on their natural instincts. So, for example, it’s unwise to keep a rodent with any pet that would survive in the wild by eating it. Dogs and gerbils can […]

are gerbils noisy?

How to Keep Gerbils Quiet at Night

Gerbils are highly active animals. During their waking hours, they are full of energy and can make a lot of noise. If your gerbil’s loud at night, you might find that it stops you from sleeping.  You can’t force gerbils to sleep. But if you exercise them before bed, they […]