Gerbilarium Setup

How many gerbils can you keep together?

How Many Gerbils Can Live in One Cage?

Gerbils are social creatures, and should never live alone. If you’re thinking of adopting new gerbils, you may wonder how many gerbils can be kept in the same cage (gerbilarium). A pair of gerbils (two males, or two females) is the happiest and safest combination. When two gerbils live together, […]

best gerbil houses

5 Best Gerbil Cages Review + Cage Setup

There are countless small animal cages, but many aren’t suitable for gerbils. This can make it hard to find the right gerbil habitat. The best gerbil cages should have 10 gallons of space per gerbil, and room for at least 6 inches of bedding. The gerbilarium should be made of […]

do gerbils like exercise balls?

Do Gerbils Like Running Balls?

Exercise balls are plastic spheres that small animals can run around in, without the fear of getting lost. They’re designed for hamsters, but gerbils can also them to stay healthy and as a boredom-buster. Some gerbils like running balls, and some don’t. Many gerbils enjoy the exercise, whereas others panic […]

do gerbils need an exercise wheel?

Do Gerbils Need a Running Wheel?

Running wheels are one of the most important items for enriching the lives of gerbils. They offer your gerbil exercise, even if they can be a little noisy for their owners. Gerbils can’t run fast in their enclosures, so a running wheel provides plenty of exercise. Wheels are also good […]