Can Gerbils Live in Bin Cages?

are bin cages good for gerbils?

A bin cage is a large plastic tub that can house multiple gerbils. While they’re not as good as gerbilariums, they’re an easy way to keep gerbils safe while providing them with enough room to run, play, and burrow. Plastic bin cages are a suitable … Read more

Where’s The Best Place To Put A Gerbil Cage?

where should I put my gerbil cage?

Choosing where to put your gerbil cage isn’t as easy as you might think. There are many factors to consider, such as the quietness and temperature of the room. Keep your gerbil cage away from ultrasonic frequencies, as they’re sensitive to noises we can’t hear. … Read more

Where Would A Gerbil Hide in A House?

how to find an escaped gerbil

Finding out that your gerbil has gone missing is a really stressful experience. Not only are gerbils small and fast, but a standard house or apartment has loads of hiding places that gerbils can crawl into, making them difficult to find and capture. Gerbils hide … Read more

How To Gerbil-Proof A Room (in 10 Easy Steps)

How To Gerbil-Proof A Room

Gerbils are playful and curious creatures. If they get the opportunity to explore a room, they’ll get into every nook and cranny, investigating everything they see. Because they’re so small and easy to lose sight of, you’ll need to gerbil-proof the room to prevent them … Read more

How To Comfort A Dying Gerbil

How To Comfort A Dying Gerbil

Gerbils become like family members. So, when they grow old and very ill, you’ll want to ensure that they’re comfortable until the very end. It’s distressing to watch a pet gerbil die, but providing it with care in its final stages of life can help … Read more

How To Stop Gerbils Making A Mess

How to stop gerbils making a mess

Gerbils are one of the cleanest rodents, but that doesn’t stop them from creating a mess outside of the cage. While this is normal, there may be times when you’d prefer a cleaner house. Gerbils kick bedding out of their cage because they’re instinctually burrowing … Read more

How To Tame Skittish Gerbils

how to calm down gerbils

Some gerbils are naturally afraid, especially when they’re first introduced into your home. When gerbils are learning about their new environment, they’ll display skittish behaviors and may not seem entirely comfortable. Therefore, taming a gerbil should calm it down. Gerbils are skittish due to their … Read more

Which Pet Rodents Live The Longest? [A Complete Guide]

pet rodent with longest lifespan

When choosing a small pet, always consider its lifespan and whether you’re prepared for the commitment. Most pet rodent species only survive for a few years. However, some rodents live longer than others. The longest living rodent pet is the chinchilla. With proper care, diet, … Read more

What Are The Least Smelly Rodent Pets? [A Complete Guide]

rodent pets that don't smell

Rodents make good pets, but some of them smell. While rodents don’t stink, their cages can harbor strong odors, especially if not cleaned regularly. Fortunately, some types of rodents are less smelly than others. The least stinky rodent pet is a gerbil or chinchilla. They … Read more

A Complete Gerbil Breeding Guide for Beginners (with FAQ)

how to breed gerbils

Gerbil breeding is an exciting and rewarding experience. There’s nothing quite like caring for newborn gerbil pups and watching them grow. However, you should take time to learn how to breed gerbils safely and correctly. To breed gerbils, you’ll need a healthy male and female … Read more

How To Pick The Right Pet Gerbil

how to pick a gerbil

Getting a new gerbil is an exciting time, but don’t just buy the first one you see. Take the time to choose the right gerbil for you. It should be healthy and of an appropriate age and gender for its living situation. Pick a gerbil … Read more

What To Do If Your Gerbil Has Babies

What To Do if Your Gerbil Has Babies

Gerbil pregnancies are short and easy to miss. So, if you’ve woken up one morning to a litter of unexpected gerbil pups, you’re not alone. If your gerbil has had babies, keep the cage somewhere warm and quiet. Give the mother extra food, water, and … Read more

Can Gerbils Go Outside?

can gerbils play outside?

Gerbils are wild animals. In the right environment, your gerbils could live outdoors, but certain caveats apply to keep your pet safe from harm. Allowing your gerbils to run around freely outside is unsafe. Other pets or predators could eat your gerbil, such as cats … Read more

7 Very Low Maintenance Pets for Small Apartments

best low maintenance pets for apartments

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll soon discover that many types of pets are banned under the terms of the tenancy. You can’t keep others because they need a yard for exercise or you work long hours. But the good news is that … Read more

How to Tell Your Gerbil’s Age

how to tell gerbil age

Determining your pet gerbil’s age is very important. For example, you shouldn’t separate gerbils before weaning age, or breed gerbils before they reach reproductive age. To tell the age of a juvenile, you should look at where it is in its lifecycle (see table below.) … Read more

Can You Travel with Gerbils? (Transport by Car + Fly on Planes)

transporting gerbils

Traveling with gerbils by plane or car needn’t be difficult. While gerbils can be nervous animals, they’re surprisingly good at traveling domestically and internationally without getting anxious. Gerbils are normally allowed as cargo, but not in-cabin. They can travel in a normal glass tank or … Read more

Life Cycle Of A Gerbil [An In-Depth Guide]

Gerbil Life Cycle

Gerbils change in size and shape as they go from babies to adults. The gerbil life cycle stages are very similar to those of other animals, but the life expectancy of gerbils is much shorter. Gerbils also begin breeding at a much younger age because … Read more

What To Do With Unwanted Gerbils

where to take unwanted gerbils

You’re unable to care for your gerbils anymore. Giving up your gerbils is never easy, but sometimes it’s necessary. You’ll want to ensure your gerbils find the right home and are well cared for. The best way to get rid of gerbils safely is to … Read more

How To Clean Out A Gerbil’s Cage

how often do you have to clean out a gerbil cage?

Gerbils don’t smell as bad as other rodents, but gerbilariums must be cleaned to keep them hygienic. Learn how to clean a gerbil cage properly to avoid the buildup of bacteria and odor. Every day, spot-clean the gerbilarium. Remove any soiled bedding, and wash the … Read more

How To Stop Gerbils Smelling

do gerbils smell bad?

Gerbils and other rodents have a distinctive, unique scent and can smell like urine or poop. This smell builds up if you don’t clean your pet’s stinky cage regularly. Smelly gerbils can take a sand bath. To stop a gerbil cage from smelling, spot clean … Read more

What is Safe Bedding for Gerbils? (9 Best Substrates Compared)

best gerbil substrate

There are dozens of gerbil bedding options, but not all substrates are safe or suitable for gerbils. Good bedding for gerbils is non-toxic, digestible, dust-free, and can be used for tunneling. The best gerbil bedding combines hay, aspen shavings, and paper-based bedding (such as Kaytee … Read more

How To Introduce New Gerbils

how to introduce gerbils to each other

Gerbils shouldn’t live alone as they’ll get lonely and bored. But putting two unfamiliar gerbils together straight away causes fights. This makes introducing new gerbils difficult. Put the two gerbils on either side of a split cage, with a see-through divider down the middle. You … Read more

Do Gerbils Need Baths?

How do gerbils bathe?

Your gerbil’s fur should always be sleek, shiny, and healthy-looking. If it’s dirty or oily, your gerbil may need a bath. But gerbils have a unique way of bathing, which doesn’t involve water at all. Gerbils have sand baths, also called dust baths. These are … Read more