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how to pick a gerbil

How To Pick The Right Pet Gerbil

Getting a new gerbil is an exciting time. But don’t just buy the first one you see: take the time to choose the right gerbil for you. It should be healthy, and of an appropriate age and gender for its living situation. Pick a gerbil that’s energetic, curious, and interested […]

What To Do if Your Gerbil Has Babies

What To Do if Your Gerbil Has Babies

Gerbil pregnancies are short, and easy to miss. So, if you’ve woken up one morning to a litter of unexpected gerbil pups, you’re not alone. If your gerbil has babies, keep the cage somewhere warm and quiet. Give the mother extra food, water, and bedding. When the pups are one […]

can gerbils play outside?

Can Gerbils Go Outside?

Gerbils are wild animals. In the right environment, your gerbils could live outdoors, but certain caveats apply in order to keep your pet safe. Allowing your gerbils to run around freely outside is unsafe. There are other pets/animals/predators that could eat your gerbil, e.g. cats or dogs bred for hunting […]