Do Gerbils Get Bored? [14 Boredom Breakers For Gerbils]

is my gerbil bored?

Gerbils grow bored when their owners become distracted by other commitments. The good news is that you can prevent boredom in gerbils with toys, enrichment, and spending more time together. Gerbils get bored when they lack mental and physical stimulation. Signs that gerbils are living … Read more

What Can I Give My Gerbils to Chew On?

what do gerbils chew on?

Gerbils need to wear down their teeth to stop them from growing too long. So, if you don’t give your gerbil something to chew, it’ll start to chew on its cage. Gerbils like to chew on wood and other natural materials. Household items like toilet … Read more

How To Hold a Gerbil For The First Time

how to pick up a gerbil

Before you pick up a pet gerbil, you need to learn how to handle them properly. Holding a gerbil incorrectly can cause injury or make them scared of you. Before handling your gerbil, give it 24 hours to get used to you. Let it grow … Read more

How To Care For Baby Gerbils [A Complete Guide]

how to take care of baby gerbils

Baby gerbils (pups) are easy to care for in captivity. The size of a litter varies but is usually between 3 and 6. The mother will look after these pups on her own throughout their development. The mother performs most aspects of baby gerbil care. … Read more