5 Best Gerbil Cages Review + Cage Setup

best gerbil houses

There are countless small animal cages, but many aren’t suitable for gerbils. This can make it hard to find the right gerbil habitat. The best gerbil cages should have 10 gallons of space per gerbil and room for at least 6 inches of bedding. The … Read more

How to Stop a Gerbil Biting (in 7 Easy Steps)

how to make a gerbil stop biting

A gerbil bite is shocking, can be painful, and can even draw blood. But stopping your gerbil from biting with punishments doesn’t work, so you may not know what to do. Spend time near the enclosure, and pick it up by scooping (not snatching) it. … Read more

What is Safe Bedding for Gerbils? (9 Best Substrates Compared)

best gerbil substrate

There are dozens of gerbil bedding options, but not all substrates are safe or suitable for gerbils. Good bedding for gerbils is non-toxic, digestible, dust-free, and can be used for tunneling. The best gerbil bedding combines hay, aspen shavings, and paper-based bedding (such as Kaytee … Read more

How To Introduce New Gerbils

how to introduce gerbils to each other

Gerbils shouldn’t live alone as they’ll get lonely and bored. But putting two unfamiliar gerbils together straight away causes fights. This makes introducing new gerbils difficult. Put the two gerbils on either side of a split cage, with a see-through divider down the middle. You … Read more

What Do Gerbils Eat? (Pet Gerbil Dietary Requirements)

The gerbil diet is more complex than you might expect. The right healthy gerbil foods require the correct balance of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This can be difficult to achieve in practice. The best food for gerbils is a specially formulated gerbil mix. It contains … Read more

What Can I Give My Gerbils to Chew On?

what do gerbils chew on?

Gerbils need to wear down their teeth to stop them from growing too long. So, if you don’t give your gerbil something to chew, it’ll start to chew on its cage. Gerbils like to chew on wood and other natural materials. Household items like toilet … Read more