how to mate gerbils

How Do Gerbils Mate?

All animals have a reproductive cycle. The cycle determines when gerbils can mate and successfully produce offspring. It’s called a ‘cycle’ because it repeats over time. Gerbils mate in the same way as most mammals, where the male mounts the female. Signs of gerbils mating include foot thumping and excited […]

gerbil stress symptoms

10 Signs of a Stressed Gerbil

It can sometimes be difficult to read the body language of our pets accurately. There are many signs of stress in gerbils, some of which are much easier to understand than others. Obsessive behaviors, such as over-grooming and cage biting, can be signs of stress in gerbils. It may act […]

What To Do If Your Gerbil Escaped

What To Do If Your Gerbil Escaped

When your gerbil gets loose, it’s natural to panic. But you should try to stay calm and work through a series of steps. That way, you have an excellent chance of catching an escaped gerbil. Gerbils hide behind furniture and in the walls, so lure it using food, water, and […]